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  1. I have a friend who works as an accountant in the bank
  2. There is not tax in Saudi
  3. I don't like checks or loans
  4. My office is in the financial center of the city
  5. Is there an ATM nearby?
  6. I have a saving account in the Arabic bank
  7. There is no loan without interest in Europe
  8. Where is my wallet! it was on the desk!
  9. There are many currencies in the Arab countries
  10. Can i pay by card?
  11. I always make my transfers and payments online
  12. Where is the customer service please?
  13. I received a bank statement from the bank today
  14. I open my car with the remote
  15. My friend is a teller in the Arabic bank
  16. I want more information about car finance, home mortgage please
  17. I have a lot of expenses this holiday
  18. I have 3 credit cards
  19. I want an application please