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  1. Pari irigun, Oriort VarGood morning, Mrs.Azarian


  2. Ankliuhi / fransuhi eMy name is Ani


  3. Anunǝt inch eMy name is Ani


  4. Yes kanadatsi / kanaduhi emShe is English / French (female)


  5. Ayo, hay emYes, I am


  6. HrammetsekOf course


  7. Isk Annan inch e?And what (nationality) is Anna?


  8. Tuk amerigatsi ek?Are you (formal) American? (male)


  9. Maganunǝs Saryan eMy last name is Saryan


  10. Gǝ nerek, baronexcuse me, sir


  11. Tser anunǝ inch eWhat's your name? (formal)


  12. Tuk ameriguhi ek?Are you (formal) American? (female)


  13. Isk tuk inchbes ek?And how are you? (formal)


  14. Voch, yes hay chemNo, I am not


  15. Voch, amerigatsi eAre you (formal) American? (male)


  16. Anunǝs Ani eWhat is your name? (informal)


  17. Parev,MaryHello, Mary


  18. AnshushtAnd you?


  19. Inchbes ek, baron Saryan?How are you, Lilith?


  20. Tun hay es?/ Tuk hay ek?Are you Armenian?(informal/formal)


  21. ParevHello


  22. Inchbes es, Lilit?How are you, Lilith?


  23. Lav em, shǝnorhagalutyunI am also well, thank you


  24. Isk tun?And you?


  25. Samueln al fransatsi e?Is Samuel also French? (male)


  26. (Shad) urakh em (dzanotanalus)I am (very) pleased (to meet you)


  27. Neretsek, diginHow are you, Lilith?


  28. Pari luys, Digin AzaryanGood evening, Miss Vart


  29. Ayo, amerigatsi/ ameriguhi emYes, I am


  30. Yes al lav em, shǝnorhagal emI am also well, thank you


  31. Gǝmam pan mǝ hartsǝnel oriort?May I ask you something, Miss?