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  1. Moor nahm ___.I will have tea.


  2. Moi Americar phor-ah ah-hee-soo.I am from America.


  3. Ah-sah-lahm Wah-lay-khoomWhat is your name?


  4. Ay too kee?What is this?


  5. Kee-mahn dahm?Hello (Hindu/Others greeting)


  6. Ah-poo-nar nahm kee?My name is __.


  7. Sah kahm.I want it.


  8. Filter pah-nee.Filtered water.


  9. Sah kah-boh-nay?Will you have tea?


  10. Nah-mah-skahrHello (Hindu/Others greeting)


  11. Bhal lag-ee-say.I don't want it.


  12. Lah-gay.I want it.


  13. Bah-lay-asooI want it.


  14. Kee Ka-boorHow are you?


  15. Ah-poo-nee khot phor-ah ah-hee-say?Where are you from?


  16. Moi boo-jee poh-nie.I don't understand.


  17. Nah lah-gay.I want it.