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  • Hello. /// Hello. (informal - 3 options)

    Kaixo /// Epa / Iepa / Aupa

    Hello. (informal) /// How are you?

    Epa / Iepa / Aupa /// Zer moduz?

    How are you? /// Fine, thank you.

    Zer moduz? /// Ondo, eskerrik asko

    Fine, thank you. /// Who are you?

    Ondo, eskerrik asko /// Nor zara zu?

    Who are you? /// I am ______ .

    Nor zara zu? /// Ni ... naiz

    I am ______ . /// What is your name?

    Ni ... naiz /// Nola duzu izena?

    What is your name? /// My name is _____.

    Nola duzu izena? /// Nire izena ... da / ... dut izena

    My name is _____. /// Nice to meet you.

    Nire izena ... da / ... dut izena /// Pozten naiz zu ezagutzeaz

    Nice to meet you. /// Please.

    Pozten naiz zu ezagutzeaz /// Mesedez

    Please. /// Thank you.

    Mesedez /// Eskerrik asko

    Thank you. /// Welcome.

    Eskerrik asko /// Ongi etorri

    Welcome. /// Yes.

    Ongi etorri /// Bai

    Yes. /// No.

    Bai /// Ez

    No. /// Excuse me. (getting attention)

    Ez /// Aizu!

    Excuse me. (getting attention) /// Excuse me. (begging pardon)

    Aizu! /// Barkatu

    Excuse me. (begging pardon) /// I'm sorry.

    Barkatu /// Barkatu

    I'm sorry. /// Goodbye

    Barkatu /// Agur / Adio

    Goodbye /// Goodbye (informal)

    Agur / Adio /// Aio

    Goodbye (informal) /// I can't speak Basque [well].

    Aio /// Ez dakit euskaraz ([ondo] hitz egiten)

    I can't speak Basque [well]. /// Do you speak English?

    Ez dakit euskaraz ([ondo] hitz egiten) /// Ba al dakizu ingelesez?

    Do you speak English? /// Is there someone here who speaks English?

    Ba al dakizu ingelesez? /// Inork ba al daki ingelesez hemen?

    Is there someone here who speaks English? /// Help!

    Inork ba al daki ingelesez hemen? /// Lagundu!

    Help! /// Good morning.

    Lagundu! /// Egun on

    Good morning. /// Good afternoon.

    Egun on /// Arratsalde on

    Good afternoon. /// Good evening.

    Arratsalde on /// Gabon

    Good evening. /// Good night (to sleep)

    Gabon /// Bihar arte / Gabon

    Good night (to sleep) /// I don't understand.

    Bihar arte / Gabon /// Ez dut ulertzen

    I don't understand. /// Where is the toilet?

    Ez dut ulertzen /// Non dago komuna?

    Where is the toilet? /// Where is __________?

    Non dago komuna? /// Non dago ... ?

    Where is __________? /// Leave me alone.

    Non dago ... ? /// Utzi pakean

    Leave me alone. /// Don't touch me/it!;

    Utzi pakean /// Ez ikutu!

    Don't touch me/it!; /// I'll call the police.

    Ez ikutu! /// Polizia deituko dut

    I'll call the police. /// Stop! Thief!

    Polizia deituko dut /// Geldi! Lapurra!

    Stop! Thief! /// I need your help.

    Geldi! Lapurra! /// Zure laguntza behar dut

    I need your help. /// It's an emergency.

    Zure laguntza behar dut /// Larrialdia da

    It's an emergency. /// I'm lost.

    Larrialdia da /// Galduta nago

    I'm lost. /// I've lost my bag.

    Galduta nago /// Poltsa galdu zait

    I've lost my bag. /// I've lost my wallet.

    Poltsa galdu zait /// Diru-zorroa galdu zait

    I've lost my wallet. /// I'm sick.

    Diru-zorroa galdu zait /// Gaixorik nago

    I'm sick. /// I've been injured.

    Gaixorik nago /// Min hartu dut

    I've been injured. /// I need a doctor.

    Min hartu dut /// Medikua behar dut

    I need a doctor. /// Can I use your phone?

    Medikua behar dut /// Zure telefonoa erabil dezaket?

    Can I use your phone? /// 1

    Zure telefonoa erabil dezaket? /// ba

    1 /// 2

    ba /// bi

    2 /// 3

    bi /// hiru

    3 /// 4

    hiru /// lau

    4 /// 5

    lau /// bost

    5 /// 6

    bost /// sei

    6 /// 7

    sei /// zazpi

    7 /// 8

    zazpi /// zortzi

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