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  • he can be /// if it were

    dezake /// balitz

    if it were /// he can do

    balitz /// luke

    he can do /// she could be

    luke /// zezakeen

    she could be /// I can be

    zezakeen /// naiteke

    I can be /// you can be

    naiteke /// haiteke

    you can be /// he/she/it can be

    haiteke /// daiteke

    he/she/it can be /// we can be

    daiteke /// gaitezke

    we can be /// you can be, sir

    gaitezke /// zaitezke

    you can be, sir /// you all can be

    zaitezke /// zaitezke

    you all can be /// they can be

    zaitezke /// daitezke

    they can be /// I could be

    daitezke /// nintekeen

    I could be /// you could be, friend

    nintekeen /// hintekeen

    you could be, friend /// he/she/it could be

    hintekeen /// zitekeen

    he/she/it could be /// we could be

    zitekeen /// gintezkeen

    we could be /// you could be, friend

    gintezkeen /// zintezkeen

    you could be, friend /// you all could be

    zintezkeen /// zintezketen

    you all could be /// they could be

    zintezketen /// zitezkeen

    they could be /// I maybe can

    zitezkeen /// ninteke

    I maybe can /// you maybe can, friend

    ninteke /// hinteke

    you maybe can, friend /// he/she/it maybe can

    hinteke /// liteke

    he/she/it maybe can /// we maybe can

    liteke /// gintezke

    we maybe can /// you maybe can, sir

    gintezke /// zintezke

    you maybe can, sir /// you all maybe can

    zintezke /// zintezkete

    you all maybe can /// they maybe can

    zintezkete /// litezke

    they maybe can /// maybe... [root]

    litezke /// ki

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