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  • I am /// you are, friend

    naiz /// haiz

    you are, friend /// you are, stranger

    haiz /// zara

    you are, stranger /// it is

    zara /// da

    it is /// we are

    da /// gara

    we are /// you all are

    gara /// zarete

    you all are /// they are

    zarete /// dira

    they are /// I do it

    dira /// dut

    I do it /// he does it

    dut /// du

    he does it /// they do it

    du /// dute

    they do it /// you do me, friend

    dute /// nauk

    you do me, friend /// I do you

    nauk /// haut

    I do you /// I do to you, man

    haut /// natzaik

    I am to you, man /// you are to me

    natzaik /// hatzait

    you do to me /// I do it to you

    hatzait /// diat

    I do it to you /// you do it to me, man

    diat /// didak

    you do it to me, man /// you do it to us, man

    didak /// diguk

    you do it to us, man /// I do it to you all

    diguk /// dizuet

    I do it to you all /// we are to you sir

    dizuet /// gatzaizkizu

    we are to you sir /// be to...[root]

    gatzaizkizu /// tzai

    be to...[root] /// do it to... [root]

    tzai /// i/izki

    do it to... [root] /// do it [root]

    i/izki /// u/uzte

    do it [root] /// have [root]

    u/uzte /// u/ute

    have [root] /// [plural marker]

    u/ute /// it

    [plural marker] /// it does you sir

    it /// zaitu

    it does you sir /// you do us, sir

    zaitu /// gaituzu

    you are to us, sir /// I do them

    gaituzu /// ditut

    I do them /// you do it, friend

    ditut /// hau

    you do him, friend /// he does all of you

    hau /// zaituzte

    he does all of you /// I was

    zaituzte /// nintzen

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