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  1. letter this write it have I read it you might (I have written this letter in order for you to read it)
  2. ez baituzu euskara ikasi, ez dituzu euskaldunak ulertzen
  3. kaletik zetorrela hauxe kantatu zuen
  4. berak jan dezala!
  5. not since have you Basque learn, not them have you Basques understand
  6. not it have I say come will he is negation (I didn't say that he is going to come)
  7. there he walks indirect man the my father he is
  8. hor dabilen gizona nire aita da
  9. nahiago dut etor dadin
  10. time clause, would be translated as 'when'
  11. ez dut esan etorriko denik
  12. edan dezagun!
  13. before say it have I as, tomorrow come will he is
  14. you the doer call me have you because come I am (I have come because you called me)
  15. reason clause, 'because'
  16. Basque learn if have you, the Basques understand will them have you
  17. not it know I who he/she is indirect
  18. negation-polarity complement clause (partitive, perhaps)
  19. hona etor dadila esango diot
  20. lehen esan dudanez, bihar etorriko da
  21. condition clause
  22. indirect questions, relative clauses, complements (with subjunctive) and first person optative:
  23. ondo pasako duzu euskara ikasten ari zarelarik
  24. nik dakidanez, hori ez da egia
  25. coming is when will say it to her I (when she comes I will tell her)
  26. time/circumstance, translated as 'while' or 'when'
  27. street through she comes by circumstance, this sing she have past (as she comes walking along the street, this is what she sang)
  28. gutun hau idatzi dut irakur dezazun
  29. manner, translated as 'as'
  30. etortzen denean esango diot
  31. ez dakit nor den
  32. indirect statements, circumstances, complements with subjunctive, third person optative
  33. to here come he might say will to him have I (I will tell him to come here)
  34. want more it have I come he may (I prefer him to come)
  35. drink it we may!
  36. uste dut etorriko dela
  37. explanatory or reason clause - 'since'
  38. zuk deitu didazulako etorri naiz
  39. him-the-doer eat it he may!
  40. I the doer it know as, that not it is true (as far as I know, that is not true)
  41. euskara ikasten baduzu, euskaldunak ulertuko dituzu
  42. opinion it have I come will he/she indirect (I think she will come)
  43. good will spend it have you Basque learning you are while (you will have a good time when learning Basque)