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  1. in hearsay:
  2. they say that he will come (come hearsay he is)
  3. I wonder if he will come? (come I-wonder he is?)
  4. Jon sees himself in the mirror (Jon the doer his head the mirror at see has - head)
  5. will he come? (come yes/no is?)
  6. in yes/no questions:
  7. Jon washed himself (Jon the doer wash is) (transitive as intransitive)
  8. she is coming....supposedly! (yes-she-comes. Supposedly!)
  9. Jon sees himself in the mirror (Jon the doer the mirror at see is - transitive used intransitively)
  10. Kepa has killed himself (Kepa the doer his head the kill it has he) (note transitive!)
  11. I wonder if it's true/I wonder if true? (true I-wonder is? True I-wonder?)
  12. in tentative questions, like 'I wonder...'