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  1. give!
  2. transitive auxiliary we
  3. intransitive auxiliary we
  4. go!
  5. bring, all of you! (two options)
  6. Don't do that! (dictionary form imperative)
  7. be, stay, wait all of you!
  8. come, all of you!
  9. transitive auxiliary s/pl
  10. go, all of you!
  11. let's go!
  12. say, all of you! (two options)
  13. let's see (see let us)
  14. intransitive auxiliary s/pl
  15. say! (two options)
  16. come!
  17. give, all of you!
  18. Open the door please (dictionary form imperative; open door-the please)
  19. bring! (two options)
  20. be, stay, wait!