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  • As-salam-alaikum

    Peace be upon you (greeting)


    Peace be with you also (greeting)


    good morning

    Shubho shokal

    good morning


    welcome (formal, not often used)

    Khoda Hafiz/Allah Hafez


    Ami ashi

    I'm leaving (as in goodbye)

    Dosh minute biroti

    take a 10 minute break

    Agamikal dekha hobe
    (aga-mi-kal deck-uh hoe-bay)

    See you tomorrow

    Abar dekha hobe

    See you again

    thik achhe



    thank you

    onek dhonnobad

    thank you very much

    biroti nin

    take a break

    Aj shundar din

    Today is a beautiful day.

    Apni kotha theke

    Where are you from?

    Ami Minnesota theke

    I am from Minnesota.

    Ami United States theke.

    I am from the United States.

    Ami North Carolina theke kintu ekhon ami Falls Church theke.

    I am from North Carolina, but now I am from Falls Church.

    Apni kemon achhen?

    How are you?

    Ami bhalo achi.

    I am fine/good.

    Ami thik achi.

    I am ok.

    Ami khub bhalo achi.

    I am very well.

    Ami mota|moti achi.

    I am so/so.

    Ami kharap achi.

    I am bad.

    Ami kharap na.

    I am not bad.

    Ami bhalo na.

    I am not good.

    Ami oshustho acho.

    I am sick.

    Apni ke?

    Who are you? (not polite, terse)

    Apni ki non?

    What is your name?

    Ami Ben

    I am Ben.

    Ami markin kutnitik.

    I am an American diplomat.

    Ek bar bollon.

    one more time

    Char bar bollon.

    four more times


    right? (exclamatory)

    Aj ki bar?

    What day is it?

    Aj Shombar

    Today is Monday.

    Aj Mongolbar

    Today is Tuesday.

    Aj Bhudbar

    Today is Wednesday.

    Aj kotha tarikh?

    What is the date?

    Agamikal Bhudbar

    Tomorrow is Wednesday.

    Ami Virginia jani

    I know about Virginia.

    Ami Maryland jani na.

    I don't know about Maryland.

    Ami jani na.

    I don't know.

    Ami jani.

    I know.

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