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  • I will give 10 rupees to him every day

    Ami take protidin dosh taka debo

    We will take medicine every day

    Amra protidin oshudh kabo

    You will eat 10 breads at breakfast

    Tumi protidin breakfaste doshta roti kabe

    You all will like red color

    Tomra lol rong pochondo korbe

    you [respected] will love roses

    Apni golap bhalobashben

    You all [respected] will hate this place

    Apnara ei jayga ghrina korben

    He will sell book

    O boi bikkiri korbe

    She will stay here

    O ekhane thakbe

    He [respected] will watch football match

    Uni futbol khela dhekben

    She [respected] will sit beside me

    Uni amar pashe boshben

    They will read story book

    Tara golpo boi porbe

    They [respected] will play cricket

    Onara cricket khelben

    My mom will buy dress for me

    Amar ma amar jonyo jama kapor kinben

    Our friend will call us every morning

    Amader bondhu amaderke protidin shakale dakbe

    Your dad will cook fish

    Tomar baba mach ranna korben

    Your [respected] neighbor will help me

    Apnar protibeshee amake shahajyo korbe

    Your (pl) mother-in-law will shut all doors and windows every evening

    Tomader shashuri protidin shondya shob dorja janala bondho korben

    His brother will spell every word

    Tar bihay shob shobdo banan korbe

    Her [respected] sister will use this cycle

    Onar bon ei cycle-te byabohar korbe

    His [respected] brother will spend a lot of money

    Onar bihay onek taka khoroch korben

    Her [respected] sister will travel every year

    Onar bon protibochor ghurte ashben

    Their uncle will make delicious food

    Tader chacha shushadu khabar banaben

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