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  • I have come here

    ami ekhane esh-echi

    I have gone there

    ami okhane gi-echi

    I have done it

    ami eta korechi

    I have told story

    ami golpo bolechi

    We have come here

    amra ekhane esh-echi

    We have gone there

    amra okhane gi-echi

    We have done it

    amra eta korechi

    We have told story

    amra golpo bolechi

    You have come here

    tumi ekhane esh-echo

    You have gone there

    tumi okhane gi-echo

    you have done it

    tumi eta korecho

    you have told story

    tumi golpo bolecho

    You all have come here

    tomra ekhane esh-echo

    You all have gone there

    tomra okhane gi-echo

    You all have done it

    tomra eta korecho

    You all have told story

    tomra golpo bolecho

    He/she has come here

    Se ekhane esh-eche

    He/she has gone there

    Se okhane gi-eche

    He/she has done it

    Se eta koreche

    He/she has told story

    Se golpo boleche

    They have come here

    Tara ekhane esh-eche

    They have gone there

    Tara okhane gi-eche

    They have done it

    Tara eta koreche

    They have told story

    Tara golpo boleche

    [Respected] You have come here

    Apni ekhane esh-echen

    [Respected] You have gone there

    Apni okhane gi-echen

    [Respected] You have done it

    Apni eta korechen

    [Respected] You have told story

    Apni golpo bolechen

    [Respected] You all have come here

    Apnara ekhane esh-echen

    [Respected] You all have gone there

    Apnara okhane gi-echen

    [Respected] You all have done it

    Apnara eta korechen

    [Respected] You all have told story

    Apnara golpo bolechen

    [Respected] He/She has come here

    Tini ekhane esh-echen

    [Respected] He/She has gone there

    Tini okhane gi-echen

    [Respected] He/She has done it

    Tini eta korechen

    [Respected] He/She has told story

    Tini golpo bolechen

    [Respected] They have come here

    Onara ekhane esh-echen

    [Respected] They have gone there

    Onara okhane gi-echen

    [Respected] They have done it

    Onara eta korechen

    [Respected] They have told story

    Onara golpo bolechen

    (father's younger brother)


    (Chacha/Kaka's wife)


    (father's sister)


    (Fupu's husband)


    (mother's brother)


    (mother's sister)


    (mama's wife)


    (khala's husband)


    My uncle has done it
    (father's younger brother)

    Amar chachu eta korechen

    Your aunty has gone there
    (father's sister)

    Tomar fupu okhane gi-echen

    [Respected] Your aunty has gone there.
    (kaka/chachu's wife)

    Apnar chachi okhane gi-echen.

    [Respected] Your (plural) uncle has come here.
    (Fupu's husband)

    Apnader fupa ekhane esh-echen

    His uncle has told story
    (mother's brother)

    Tar mama golpo bolechen

    [Respected] His auntie has told story.
    (mother's sister)

    Onar khala golpo bolechen

    Her auntie has told story.
    (Mama's wife)

    Tar mami golpo bolechen

    [Respected] Her uncle has told story.
    (Khala's husband)

    Onar khalu golpo bolechen

    Their friend has done it

    Tader bondhu eta koreche

    [Respected] Their neighbor has done it

    Onader protibeshee eta korechen

    My uncle has sold it
    (father's younger brother)

    Amar chachu eta bikirikoreche

    Our uncle has stayed there.
    (father's older brother)

    Amader chachu okhane thekechen

    Your aunty has sat there.
    (father's sister)

    Tomar fupu okhane bosheche

    [Respected] Your auntie has eaten there.
    (chachu's wife)

    Apnar chachi okhane khayechen

    [Respected] Your (pl) uncle has taken rest.
    (fupu's husband)

    Apnader fupa bishram niyechen

    His uncle has watched (seen) us.
    (Mother's brother)

    Tar mama amaderke dhekechen

    [Respected] His auntie has given it to you.
    (Mother's sister)

    Onar khala apnake eta deyechen

    Her auntie has liked you all.
    (mama's wife)

    Tar mami tomaderke pochondo korechen

    [Respected] Her uncle has hated her.
    (khala's husband)

    Onar khalu take ghrina korechen

    [Respected] Their neighbor has seen him.

    Onader protibeshee onake dhekechen

    Their friend has liked them.

    Tader bondhu taderke pochondo koreche



    neighbor (alternate)




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