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  • My cousin (male) was buying essential things

    Amar bihay proyojino jinishpotro kinchilo

    My cousin (female) was calling you

    Amar bon tomake dakchilo

    My cousin (dada) was cooking fish

    Amar dada mach ranna korchilo

    My cousin (didi) was helping them

    Amar didi taderke shahajyo korchilo

    My cousin (male) was inviting his friends

    Amar bihay tar bondhuder nimontron korchilo

    My cousin (female) was making paratha

    Amar bon paratha banacchilo

    My cousin (dada) was shutting door

    Amar dada dorja bondho korchilo

    My cousin (didi) was spelling the largest word

    Amar didi shob theke boro shobdo banan korchilo

    My cousin (male) was spending time with his friends

    Amar bihay tar bondhuder shonge shomoy katacchilo

    My cousin (female) was spending money by buying lottery

    Amar bon lotari kine taka khoroc korchilo

    My cousin (dada) was using your pen

    Amar dada tomar kolom byabohar korchilo

    My cousin (didi) was traveling to some city in India

    Amar didi bharoter kono shohore ghurchilo

    My cousin (male) was falling down

    Amar bihay pore jacchilo

    My cousin (female) was forgetting everybody's name

    Amar bon shobar naam vule jacchilo

    My cousin (dada) was running towards home

    Amar dada bari dike dourocchilo

    My cousin (didi) was sending a letter to president

    Amar didi rashtroprotike chiti pathacchilo

    My cousin (male) was jumping in happiness

    Amar bihay anonde lafacchilo

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