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  1. I will tell story
  2. You all will tell story
  3. You will go there
  4. They will come here
  5. We will go there
  6. You will come here
  7. We will do it
  8. He/She will go there
  9. He/She will tell story
  10. I will go there
  11. We will come here
  12. I will do it
  13. They will go there
  14. They will do it
  15. You all will come here
  16. You all will do it
  17. I will come here
  18. We will tell story
  19. They will tell story
  20. He/She will do it
  21. You will tell story
  22. You will do it
  23. You all will go there
  24. He/She will come here