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  1. I will give 10 rupees to him every day
  2. He will sell book
  3. His brother will spell every word
  4. His [respected] brother will spend a lot of money
  5. Our friend will call us every morning
  6. You all will like red color
  7. Your [respected] neighbor will help me
  8. They [respected] will play cricket
  9. They will read story book
  10. Your (pl) mother-in-law will shut all doors and windows every evening
  11. Your dad will cook fish
  12. My mom will buy dress for me
  13. Her [respected] sister will use this cycle
  14. You all [respected] will hate this place
  15. Their uncle will make delicious food
  16. you [respected] will love roses
  17. He [respected] will watch football match
  18. She [respected] will sit beside me
  19. You will eat 10 breads at breakfast
  20. Her [respected] sister will travel every year
  21. She will stay here
  22. We will take medicine every day