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  1. You (pl/formal) are coming here.
  2. mother-in-law
  3. He/She (formal) is telling story.
  4. You (pl/reg) are going there.
  5. vegetables
  6. They (formal) are coming here.
  7. They are coming here.
  8. They (formal) are doing it.
  9. to stay
  10. You (sing/formal) are going there.
  11. He/She is telling story.
  12. You (sing/reg) are coming here.
  13. They (formal) are going there.
  14. to read
  15. My elder brother is selling vegetables
  16. Our neighbor is telling story to him (respected)
  17. to play
  18. His (reg) father-in-law is telling story
  19. My dad is liking you
  20. You (pl/reg) are telling story
  21. My brother is giving it to you all.
  22. I am doing it
  23. They are telling story.
  24. His/her (formal) father-in-law is reading book.
  25. We are telling story
  26. My mom is loving me.
  27. I am coming here
  28. elder sister
  29. Our teacher is giving us homework.
  30. You (pl/formal) are telling story.
  31. He/She (formal) is going there.
  32. Their (formal) neighbor is playing cricket.
  33. Their (reg) neighbor is playing cricket.
  34. Your (reg) friend is sitting there.
  35. He/She (formal) is coming here.
  36. My elder brother is doing it.
  37. He/She is coming here.
  38. He/She (formal) is doing it.
  39. He/She is doing it.
  40. your mother-in-law is going there
  41. I am telling story
  42. They are doing it.
  43. Your (formal) mother-in-law is watching movie
  44. You (sing/formal) are telling story.
  45. To sell
  46. Your (pl/formal) friend is coming here
  47. You (sing/reg) are telling story
  48. You (pl/formal) are doing it.
  49. You (sing/reg) are doing it.
  50. you (pl/reg) are coming here.
  51. We are doing it
  52. You (sing/formal) are doing it.
  53. You (sing/formal) are coming here.
  54. Our elder sister is going there
  55. father-in-law
  56. We are coming here
  57. Your (formal) friend is liking them (formal).
  58. You (pl/formal) are going there.
  59. elder brother
  60. Your (formal) friend is sitting there.
  61. book
  62. I am going there
  63. They (formal) are telling story.
  64. to watch
  65. He/She is going there.
  66. You (sing/reg) are going there.
  67. They are going there.
  68. Your (reg) mother-in-law is watching movie
  69. His (resp) father-in-law is telling story
  70. Their (formal) neighbor is doing it
  71. to sit
  72. We are going there
  73. Your (plural) friend is coming here
  74. You (pl/reg) are doing it
  75. Their (reg) neighbor is doing it
  76. His/Her (reg) father-in-law is reading book.
  77. Our elder sister is staying here
  1. a Tara okhane jache
  2. b Tini eta korchen
  3. c Amader protibeshee onake golpo bolchen
  4. d Apnar bondhu okhane boshchen
  5. e Tumi ohkane jacho
  6. f Ami eta korchi
  7. g Tomra golpo bolcho.
  8. h Apni eta korchen
  9. i Amra eta korchi
  10. j Tomra okhane jacho
  11. k Tini golpo bolchen
  12. l Tara ekhane ashche
  13. m sho-shur
  14. n Onara ohkane jachen
  15. o Amader didi ekhane thakche
  16. p khela
  17. q didi
  18. r Amra ehkane ashchi
  19. s dekha
  20. t Apni ekhane ashchen.
  21. u Onara golpo bolchen
  22. v Onar shoshur boi porchen
  23. w Apnar shashuri cinema dekhchen
  24. x Tini okhane jachen
  25. y Amar babar tomake pochondokorche
  26. z Onar shoshur golpo bolchen
  27. aa Se golpo bolche
  28. ab Ami golpo bolchi
  29. ac Apnara eta korchen
  30. ad Amar bihay tomaderke eta dicche
  31. ae bosha
  32. af Tomra eta korcho
  33. ag Se ekhane ashche.
  34. ah Amar dada eta korche
  35. ai thaka
  36. aj Se eta korche
  37. ak Apnara okhane jachen
  38. al Tomar shashuri okhane jacche
  39. am pora
  40. an Apnara golpo bolchen
  41. ao Tomar bondhu okhane boshche
  42. ap Tara golpo bolche
  43. aq Amra golpo bolchi
  44. ar Tumi eta korcho
  45. as Amar ma amake bhalobasche.
  46. at Tara eta korche
  47. au Tomra ehkane ashcho
  48. av shobji (shakshobji)
  49. aw Apni golpo bolchen
  50. ax Amra ohkane jacchi
  51. ay boi
  52. az Tar shoshur boi porche
  53. ba Tumi ehkane ashcho
  54. bb Apnara ekhane ashchen
  55. bc bikkiri kora
  56. bd Tar shoshur golpo bolche
  57. be Apnar bondhu onaderke pochondo korchen.
  58. bf Amader didi okhane jacche
  59. bg Onader protibeshee eta korchen
  60. bh Tomader bondhu ekhane ashche
  61. bi Apni okhane jachen
  62. bj Se okhane jache
  63. bk Onara eta korchen
  64. bl Tomar shashuri cinema dekhche
  65. bm Tumi golpo bolcho
  66. bn Tini ekhane ashchen
  67. bo Amar dada shobji bikkiri korche
  68. bp Ami ehkane ashchi
  69. bq Onara ehkane ashchen
  70. br Ami ohkane jacchi
  71. bs shashuri
  72. bt dada
  73. bu Apnader bondhu ekhane ashchen
  74. bv Tader protibeshee eta korche
  75. bw Amader shikkhok amaderke barirkaj dicchen.
  76. bx Tader protibeshee cricket khelche
  77. by Onader protibeshee cricket khelchen