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  1. [Respected] He/She has come here
  2. He/she has come here
  3. [Respected] Your auntie has eaten there.
    (chachu's wife)
  4. You all have told story
  5. [Respected] Her uncle has told story.
    (Khala's husband)
  6. [Respected] Your aunty has gone there.
    (kaka/chachu's wife)
  7. His uncle has told story
    (mother's brother)
  8. Auntie
    (Chacha/Kaka's wife)
  9. Auntie
    (mama's wife)
  10. rest
  11. [Respected] Your (plural) uncle has come here.
    (Fupu's husband)
  12. Uncle
    (mother's brother)
  13. My uncle has sold it
    (father's younger brother)
  14. Uncle
    (Fupu's husband)
  15. [Respected] You all have come here
  16. you have told story
  17. Our uncle has stayed there.
    (father's older brother)
  18. They have told story
  19. [Respected] You have told story
  20. You all have done it
  21. I have gone there
  22. He/she has told story
  23. We have gone there
  24. You have gone there
  25. Your aunty has sat there.
    (father's sister)
  26. Uncle
    (father's younger brother)
  27. [Respected] They have done it
  28. [Respected] He/She has gone there
  29. He/she has done it
  30. He/she has gone there
  31. [Respected] They have gone there
  32. [Respected] Their neighbor has done it
  33. [Respected] His auntie has given it to you.
    (Mother's sister)
  34. We have told story
  35. [Respected] You all have told story
  36. neighbor (alternate)
  37. [Respected] They have told story
  38. [Respected] He/She has told story
  39. you have done it
  40. Her auntie has liked you all.
    (mama's wife)
  41. We have come here
  42. [Respected] Her uncle has hated her.
    (khala's husband)
  43. They have done it
  44. They have come here
  45. [Respected] He/She has done it
  46. I have come here
  47. You all have come here
  48. Their friend has liked them.
  49. They have gone there
  50. [Respected] You have done it
  51. [Respected] You have come here
  52. [Respected] They have come here
  53. You have come here
  54. [Respected] Your (pl) uncle has taken rest.
    (fupu's husband)
  55. Her auntie has told story.
    (Mama's wife)
  56. [Respected] You have gone there
  57. [Respected] You all have done it
  58. neighborhood
  59. You all have gone there
  60. Auntie
    (father's sister)
  61. [Respected] You all have gone there
  62. Your aunty has gone there
    (father's sister)
  63. I have done it
  64. We have done it
  65. I have told story
  66. His uncle has watched (seen) us.
    (Mother's brother)
  67. My uncle has done it
    (father's younger brother)
  68. [Respected] Their neighbor has seen him.
  69. Their friend has done it
  70. [Respected] His auntie has told story.
    (mother's sister)
  71. Auntie
    (mother's sister)
  72. Uncle
    (khala's husband)