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  1. We were going there
  2. He/She was doing it
  3. You all were doing it
  4. We were coming here
  5. [Respected] He/She was doing it
  6. [Respected] They were doing it
  7. [Respected] You all were coming here
  8. You were doing it
  9. You were telling story
  10. They were doing it
  11. [Respected] You were going there
  12. You were coming here
  13. [Respected] You all were telling story
  14. [Respected] You were telling story
  15. [Respected] He/She was telling story
  16. I was telling story
  17. We were telling story
  18. [Respected] They were going there
  19. You all were going there
  20. You all were coming here
  21. I was coming here
  22. [Respected] You were doing it
  23. We were doing it
  24. He/She was coming here
  25. [Respected] He/She was coming here
  26. They were telling story
  27. [Respected] You all were doing it
  28. They were going there
  29. You all were telling story
  30. [Respected] You were coming here
  31. [Respected] They were telling story
  32. [Respected] You all were going there
  33. [Respected] They were coming here
  34. I was going there
  35. You were going there
  36. I was doing it
  37. He/She was telling story
  38. They were coming here
  39. He/She was going there
  40. [Respected] He/She was going there
  1. a Se golpo bolchilo
  2. b Ami okhane jacchilam
  3. c Se okhane jacchilo
  4. d Tumi golpo bolchile
  5. e Tara golpo bolchilo
  6. f Tini eta korchilen
  7. g Tini golpo bolchilen
  8. h Apnara ekhane ashchilen
  9. i Tumi okhane jacchile
  10. j Onara eta korchilen
  11. k Tini okhane jacchilen
  12. l Tomra golpo bolchile
  13. m Ami eta korchilam
  14. n Apni okhane jacchilen
  15. o Amra eta korchilam
  16. p Amra ekhane ashchilam
  17. q Apni golpo bolchilen
  18. r Tomra eta korchile
  19. s Amra okhane jacchilam
  20. t Apnara eta korchilen
  21. u Tomra okhane jacchile
  22. v Onara ekhane ashchilen
  23. w Se eta korchilo
  24. x Tomra ekhane ashchile
  25. y Apnara okhane jacchilen
  26. z Ami ekhane ashchilam
  27. aa Onara golpo bolchilen
  28. ab Amra golpo bolchilam
  29. ac Tara okhane jacchilo
  30. ad Onara okhane jacchilen
  31. ae Apni eta korchilen
  32. af Tara ekhane ashchilo
  33. ag Tini ekhane ashchilen
  34. ah Ami golpo bolchilam
  35. ai Apnara golpo bolchilen
  36. aj Apni ekhane ashchilen
  37. ak Se ekhane ashchilo
  38. al Tumi ekhane ashchile
  39. am Tara eta korchilo
  40. an Tumi eta korchile