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  1. Ami;AmarI; Mine or I am


  2. BhaloGood


  3. Ami tomakey khoob bhalo bashiI love you very much


  4. Mom, amakey kichhu khetey debe?I love you very much


  5. AmakeyYou


  6. PeyechhePlaying


  7. Ami video games khelchhiI am playing video games


  8. EktaWater


  9. KhelchhiSomething


  10. Ami tennis khoob bhalo bashiI love tennis very much


  11. Amar khoob ghoom peyechheI am very sleepy


  12. Ami aniniI; Mine or I am


  13. TomakeyYou


  14. Ami jol khaboI want to drink water


  15. Ami khoob khidey peyechheI am very sleepy


  16. Amar ekta bhalo boi porchhiI'm reading a good book


  17. KhoobVery


  18. JolWater


  19. GhoomSleep


  20. Key korchhoWhat are you doing?


  21. KhaboGood


  22. KichhuSomething


  23. KheteyEat;Verb


  24. KhideyHunger


  25. Ami tennis kheltey jachhiI love tennis very much