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  1. where do you want to go
  2. all right, isnt it
  3. i want a glass of water
  4. when
  5. where are you going
  6. you like me
  7. what do you want to do
  8. i like
  9. its good
  10. im getting tired
  11. where is the bathroom
  12. what do you want to eat
  13. what are you eating
  14. i am hungry
  15. right here
  16. im at work
  17. what do you want to say
  18. i am talking to you
  19. i am going to shower
  20. how are you
  21. where is
  22. do you want a drink
  23. its cold, isnt it
  24. its hot, isnt it
  25. im in the car
  26. what do you want to do