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  1. e-deh naw?its cold, isnt it


  2. bah loh ni laywhat do you want to do


  3. ni ba pyow chen leh?what do you want to do


  4. meh cown lahow are you


  5. cown-dehright here


  6. ni ba th-oww-t chen dehdo you want a drink


  7. nga ay nghight ni dehwhat do you want to do


  8. ni beh thwachendehwhat do you want to eat


  9. nga ca po mahim in the car


  10. pu-deh naw?its hot, isnt it


  11. beh thoright here


  12. ya-deh naw?its hot, isnt it


  13. nga bi saw dehi am going to shower


  14. ni bah loh cheen dehwhere do you want to go


  15. ni beh sachendehwhere do you want to go


  16. nga chiteyou like me


  17. beh thwanidehwhere are you going


  18. beh me lehwhere is the bathroom


  19. de mahright here


  20. ni nga chit-tehyou like me


  21. aina beh me lehwhere is


  22. nga yi cho meim in the car


  23. ni nga zaga pwoi ni dehim getting tired


  24. nga ah-loh maim in the car


  25. bah saw ni dehwhere are you going


  26. yei thaout chen dehdo you want a drink