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  • catalonia national day

    September 11th

    catalonia population

    7.56 million

    patron saint

    Sant Jordi (Saint George)

    1C B.C.

    Romans: war with carthage
    split into hispamia ulterior and hispania citerior


    a military settlement


    roman empire decline


    visigoths in catalonia


    Saracens (Arabs) in Spain. Land conquered to the saracens by Charlemange: Zona Franca "old Catalonia"


    Guifre el Pelos - the great unifier of Catalonia. he broke off ties with the French monarch after receiving no assistance from him when they were attacked by the arabs


    Catalonia is created as a political entity


    Medieval Catalonia - Ramon Berenguer I : first written bill of rights in Europe


    Medieval Catalonia - the king of Aragon, fearing the threat of absorption by the Kingdom of Castille, gave is daughter in marriage to the Catalan Count Ramon Berenguer IV


    Golden Age (still Medieval Catalonia)


    Jaume I The Conqueror. He was a count-king. To Catalans, the count-king ruled by contract and not by devine right. Starting the conquest of the Mediterranean.


    the Catholic Kings - period of political and social upheaval, economic crisis and population decline. Each kingdom kept to itself.

    15C (1492)

    the discovery of America


    Castille Golden Age, The Habsburg Kings: Rights are issued at the royal will


    Catalan Decadence


    The Reaper's War and the lost of the North Catalonia. France and Catalonia became allies to fight against Spain. Catalonia lost the war

    Catalan National Anthem

    Els Segadors

    1705- 1714 The War of the Spanish Succession

    Felipe V vs. Archduke Charles (backed by Catalonia). Catalonia lost the war. Barcelona surrendered on Sep. 11th 1714

    consequences of the Spanish War of Succession 1716

    Felipe V and the new Political Order of 1716. A new tax system, cultural repression, close all catalan Universities, abolition of Catalan institutions, laws, and rights, construction of the citadel, reinforce of the castle of montjuic and walls


    Catalonia is allowed to trade with American colonies. There is a will to recover Catalan Identity.

    1856 The Eixample

    BNC pulls down walls and Citadel.

    1880 The Citadel Park

    first park in Barcelona


    The Universal Exposition

    1888-1914 Modernisme

    Workers - wealthy class ("Indianos") will to recover the catalan identity, symbols, traditions, institutions, and language

    Modernisme main architects

    Lluis Domenech i Montaner, Antoni Gaudi i Cornet, Josep Puig i Cadafalch

    Lluis Domench Montaner

    The Discord Block: Casa Lleo Morera 1905

    Puig i Cadafalch

    The Discord Block: Casa Amatller 1900

    Antoni Gaudi

    The Discord Block: Casa Batllo 1906, Casa Mila or La Pedrera 1906, Temple de la Sagrada Familia

    19C - 1936

    La Renaixenca (Catalan Renaissance), Catlan language and grammar official, dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (1923-19310), II Spanish Republic (1931-1936)

    The Spanish Civil War (1936-39)

    Nationalists vs. Republicans


    Conservative, facist, monarchists, help mainly came from Germany and Italy


    republicans, communists, socialists, anarchists, help mainly came from USSR, Mexico, and the International Brigades

    Franco' s Dictatorship (1939-75)

    Political: Franco head of Stat, government established as a single party
    Economic: gold and foreign exchange reserves wiped out. destruction of industry, agriculture, infrastructure. high inflation, widespread poverty.

    Franco's dictatorship consequences

    Catholicism made the official religion of Spain and transcended into everything, republicans exiles, sent to interment camps, imprisioned or exiled.

    1975 Franco's Death

    Spain in the Economic Union, new trade possibilities, higher credit ratings, BNC New Urban Project. by Oriol Bohigas

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