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  • kumusta ka?

    how are you?


    good / fine

    gaonsa ka?

    what are you doing?

    ambot lang

    I don't know

    gamay lang

    just a little


    let's go



    kajot lang

    just a moment

    gimingaw ko nimo

    I've missed you

    maayong buntag

    good morning

    maayong gabii

    good evening

    maayong hapon

    good afternoon

    amping ka

    take care


    once in a while


    thank you

    dili ko ganahan

    I don't like

    unya ra

    later on (today)

    unya na

    later on

    hapit na

    soon / almost

    daghang salamat

    thank you very much

    sige na

    go on


    be silent

    tinuod ba?

    is it true?

    katulog na

    go to sleep



    ok ra ka?

    are you ok?

    asa man ka gikan?

    where have you been?

    asa ka paingon?

    where are you going?

    way sapayan

    you're welcome

    human na

    I'm done

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