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  • adto naku

    I'm leaving

    di ko kadungog nimo

    I can't hear you

    unsa problema?

    what's wrong?

    sure ka?

    are you sure?

    unsa imo pasabot?

    what do you mean?


    It's true


    I hope so

    dili unta

    I hope not

    ga duha-duha ko

    I doubt it

    wala ko paki-alam

    I don't care

    ngano dili?

    why not?

    ready naka?

    are you ready?


    listen (you)

    unsa imo giingon?

    what did you say?

    isulti usab

    say it again

    mao ba?


    ganahan ko ana

    I like that

    unsay imong gusto?

    what do you want?

    kasabot ko

    I understand

    wala ko kasabot

    I don't understand

    pasaylo-a ko

    forgive me

    magkita unya ta pohon

    see you soon

    kita ta sa sunod

    see you later

    unsa kini?

    what's this?

    unsa kana?

    what's that?

    wala pa

    not yet


    come here

    wala na

    no more


    how much?

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