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  • asa man sila paingon?

    where are they going?

    asa kita paingon?

    where are we going?

    asa siya?

    where is he / she?

    asa man sila?

    where are they?

    sa sunod semana

    next week

    sa sunod buwan

    next month

    nag-unsa man sila?

    what are they doing?

    unsay oras naba?

    what time is it?

    kinsa kini?

    who's this?

    unsay petsa karon?

    what is the date today?

    nagdaot ko

    I'm sick

    gikapoy na ko

    I'm tired already

    gigutom ko

    I'm hungry

    giuhaw ko

    I'm thirsty

    katulgon na ko

    I'm sleepy now

    ambi kana

    give me that

    ugma buntag

    tomorrow morning

    ugma hapon

    tomorrow afternoon

    ugma gabii

    tomorrow night

    kagahapon sa buntag

    yesterday morning

    kagahapon sa udto

    yesterday afternoon

    niaging semana

    last week

    niaging buwan

    last month

    karon buntag

    this morning

    karon hapon

    this afternoon

    karon gabii


    para kang kinsa?

    for whom?


    lie down


    be patient

    imo kinahanglan

    you should / you must





    mao kana?

    that's it?

    tibuok gabii

    all night

    tibuok adlaw

    all day

    kausa pa

    one more

    samok ka

    you're annoying

    gisamokan ko

    I'm annoyed

    pila ka buok?

    how many?

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