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  • How much is a ticket to _____?

    Tagpila ning tiket padulong _____ ?

    One ticket to _____, please.

    Usa ka tiket padulong _____, palihug.

    Where does this bus go?

    Asa na padulong kining bus?

    Where is the bus to _____?

    Asa ang bus padulong _____ ?

    Does this bus stop in _____?

    Mohunong ba ning bus sa _____?

    When does the bus for _____ leave?

    Kanus-a molarga ang bus padulong _____?

    When will this bus arrive in _____?

    Kanus-a moabot ang bus sa _____?

    Where is the _____?

    Asa dapit ang _____?



    Turn left.

    Liko sa wala.

    Turn right.

    Liko sa tu-o.



    straight ahead

    adto deretso

    towards the _____

    padulong sa _____

    past the _____

    lapas sa _____

    before the _____

    sa dili pa ang _____

    Watch out for the _____.

    Pagbantay sa _____.




    norte, amihanan


    sur, habagatan






    pasaka (sa buntod)


    paubos (sa buntod)


    Taksi! ( TAHK-see )

    Take me to _____, please.

    Dad-a ko sa_____, palihug.

    I'm going to ____

    Mo-adto ko sa _____

    How much does it cost to get to _____?

    Pila ang pliti padulong _____?

    How much is the fare?

    Pila ang pliti?

    Take me there, please.

    Dad-a ko diha, palihug.

    Stop! (to get off the jeepney)


    How much is the fare to _____?

    Tagpila ang pliti padulong _____

    Sir (Driver), where's my change?

    Manong, Asa ang akong sukli?

    Sir (Driver), you have excess change.

    Manong, sobra ang imong sukli.

    Can you drop me off at ____?

    Mahimo ba malugar sa ____?

    Where are you from?

    Asa ka gikan?

    Where will you drop off?

    Asa ka manaog?

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