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  • Kumusta si Bob

    How is bob

    Maayo siya

    He is good

    Kapoy Ba Ang mga lalaki

    Are the boys tired?

    Oo Kapoy sila

    Yes they are tired

    Dili gutom sila

    No they are hungry

    Tugnaw Ka Ba?

    Are you cold?

    Oo Tugnaw ako

    Yes I am cold

    Americano Ba sila?

    Are they Americans?

    Dili siya americano

    No he is not an american

    Oo mga Lola Kami

    Yes we are granmothers

    Mga Lola Ba Kamo?

    Are you all grandmothers?

    Dili kami mga lola

    No we are not grandmothers

    Tigulang Ba Ang iro?

    Is the dog old?

    Ok tigulang Ang iro

    Yes the dog is old

    Dili Malipay si maria

    No Maria is not happy

    Asa kamo

    Where are you all?

    Asa Ang balay ni jane

    Where is jane's house?

    Asa si Jane

    Where is Jane?

    Naa sila diha sa tindahon

    They are over there at the store

    Nia si Nola sa kwarto

    Nola is here in the room

    Tua Ang kotse didto

    The car is way over there

    May problema Ka ba

    Do you have a problem

    Oo may pamasahe ako

    Yes I have fare money

    Wala, ako'y higala

    No I don't have a friend

    Aduna siya'y igsoon?

    Does she have siblings?

    May pamiliya ako ba

    Do I have a family?

    Kini Ba Ang Korbata sa missionariyo

    Is this the tie of the missionary

    Kana Ang Anak niya

    That is his child

    Dili Kana Ang bestida ni Jane

    That is not Janet's dress

    Kana Ang bola sa mga lalaki

    That is the boys' ball

    Kana Ang iyang anak

    That is his child

    Kana Ba Ang among plano

    Is that our plan?

    Buotan Ba siya?

    Is he nice?

    Oo Buotan kaayo kami

    Yes we are very nice

    Dili Barato kaayo kini

    No this is not very cheap

    Daan kaayo Ba Ang balay?

    Is the house very old?

    Dili bag-0 Ang mga bisikleta

    No the bikes are not new

    Kana Ba Ang polo sa imong lalaki ?

    Is that your boys shirt?

    May pagpamatuod Ka Ba

    Do you have a testimony?

    Kana Ba Ang iyang kwarto

    Is that their room?

    Kini ba Ang mga kutsara nimo

    Are these your spoons?

    Asa Ang barato nga mga sinina

    Where are the cheap clothes?

    Asa Ang taas nga balay

    Where is the tall building

    Tigulang kaayo kami

    We are very old

    Buotan Ba siya

    Is she nice

    Dautan kaayo kana

    That is bad

    Dili kini daan

    No this is not old

    Dako Ang balay

    That house is big

    Dili siya gamay

    She is not small

    Dili mahal Ang kotse

    The car is not expensive

    Kusgan kaayo kamo

    You are all very strong

    Dili gaan kaayo Ba Ang lamesa

    The table is not very light

    Kina Ba Ang imong mga kutsara?

    Are these your spoons?

    Bug-at kaayo Ba kana?

    Is that very heavy?

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