Common Expressions in Cebuano


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  • basta ikaw

    anything you say

    tapos ka na (Human ka na?)

    are you finished (2)

    dili (wala, wa pa)

    not yet(2)

    nayabag ka (wala ka kuyapi, wala ka malipong)

    are you out of your mind (3)

    andam naka

    are you ready

    andam nako

    I'm ready

    sigurado ka (tinuod ka)

    are you sure (2)


    come again

    dali diri

    come here

    dali ngari

    come here


    come in

    du-ol (dali nako)

    come with me (2)

    ayaw ug kalimut (ayaw ug kalimti)

    don't forget (2)

    buhatag ikaw ra

    do it yourself

    nahibalo (nahibawo, nakaila ka niya)

    do you know him/her (3)

    ayo-ayo ha, amping

    get well soon, take care

    padayon (sige)

    go ahead





    wala ko kabalo

    I don't know

    dili ko na

    I don't like that

    wa ko makahinumdom

    I don't remember

    nakalimot ko

    I forgot

    wa koy oras

    I have no time

    kaila nako siya

    I know him/her

    abe nako (nag tuo ko)

    I thought 2


    I wish

    adto nako karon

    I'll be going now

    nagdali ko

    I'm in a hurry

    gigutom ko

    I'm hungry

    guihaw ko

    I'm thirsty

    gikapoy ko

    I'm tired

    katugon ko (giduka ko)

    I'm sleepy

    singot kaayo ko

    I'm sweaty

    kung ako ikaw (ako pa nimo)

    If I were you

    importante na

    it's important

    dili na importante

    It's not important

    maayo na

    it's okay

    dili na posible

    it's not possible

    kadiyot lang

    just a moment

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