Lessons ni Jane sa Cebuano upang makausap sa mga bata


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  • pila imo edad

    How old are you

    unsa imo ge huna-huna?

    What are you thinking?

    unsa imong buhaton?

    What do you want to do

    Ayaw ka uwaw

    Don't be shy

    unsay ganahan ninyo

    What do ya'll like?

    ganahan mog candi

    do you like candy

    ge gutom namu?

    Are you hungry?

    ganahan mo mag duwa

    Do you want to play

    unsa imo ganahan na duwa

    What do you like to play

    tudloe ko unsaun pag duwa og games

    each me how to play the game

    maayu naka ila ta

    nice to meet you

    kibaw ka asa ni?

    Do you know where this is?


    come here

    nang himbung ko asa ka?

    I wonder where you are

    nadawat na nimo?

    Did you get it?

    naako candy para nimo

    I have candy

    naakay candy diya

    you have candy

    naa'syay candy

    he has candy

    naa'tay candy

    we have candy

    Kuyog mu nako

    Come with me

    unsa imu pasabot

    what did you mean?

    murag ni adto siya sa store

    I think he went to the store

    sa akong tan-aw gwapa kaayo si jane

    I think Jane is very pretty

    wala koy labot

    I don't care

    Ganahan ko sa imong buhok

    I like your hair

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