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  • go mag akbay ko nimu

    I will put my arm around you

    nag puyo ko sa cebu

    I live here in Cebu

    Nagtrabaho ko sa call center diri

    I work here in the call center

    ikaw, asa ka na puyo

    you, where do you live

    kibaw ko ana

    I know that

    naa amo sa labangon

    I live in Labangon (Jane's barangay)

    ngano man, madto ka?

    why you wanna go?

    asa diay dapit ang sm

    where is the SM

    pure man ko pilipino, mura kog kano kay mistiso pod ako papa go half man ako mama

    I am pure filipino, I seem American because my dad is also mestizo and my mom is half.

    mu tan-aw sa ko ani

    can you wait

    tag pila ni miga(o)

    How much is it friend?

    na nag sakay rakog jep dire

    We rode a jeep here

    balik dire joke ra.

    come back, it was just a joke


    shut up

    siya tag translate sa english nako

    She translates english for me

    kana kay siya

    because she is American.

    Unsa man

    what is it

    maguwang pako nimo

    I'm older than you

    dapat mu tahod ka

    you should respect me

    Wala koy paki

    I don't care

    didto ka na taw

    you were born there

    naa koy na ganahan

    I am interested in someone

    naa nakoy ka date

    I am dating someone

    pila kabuok imo mga igsuon

    How many siblings do you have?

    unsa imo ge buhat karung adlawa

    What did you do today

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