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  1. Do you speak.....?
    just a little
  2. repeat, please
  3. what are your names?
  4. where are you going?
    I'm going to the market
  5. good morning
    good morning as well
  6. how do you say "flower" in Cebuano?
  7. I came by to visit you
  8. How many children do you have?
  9. where did you come from?
    the market
    just there
  10. Do you have children?
  11. would you like something to drink?
    water will be fine
  12. what's your name?
    My name is Mike
  13. I don't understand
  14. I'm leaving now
  15. I'll see you
  16. how are you?
    I'm good
  17. How is Matt?
  18. hello. Is anyone home?
  19. Please, speak more slowly
  20. How long have you been here?
    # of years
    # of months
    # of weeks
    #of days
    a long time
  21. do you know?
  22. ok, I'll be going now
    Oh, okay, come back,ok?
  23. are you married?
    Yes, I'm married
    No, I'm not married
    along time already
  24. Where are you from?
    I'm from the usa
  25. Can I ask you a question?
    go ahead
  26. how's your family?
    Just fine, and how's your family?
  27. getting ready to leave now
  28. How old are you?
    I'm 42 years old
    I'm forty two
  29. can I come in?
    come in!
  30. What's this in Cebuano?
  31. where are you headed?

    to the( merkado)
  32. Do you understand?
    I understand
  33. What's that in Cebuano?