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  1. How is bob
  2. Are you cold?
  3. You are all very strong
  4. That is bad
  5. Nola is here in the room
  6. That is his child
  7. Yes we are very nice
  8. Is she nice
  9. No this is not old
  10. Where are the cheap clothes?
  11. Is that very heavy?
  12. The car is not expensive
  13. Does she have siblings?
  14. No I don't have a friend
  15. Is that your boys shirt?
  16. They are over there at the store
  17. No the bikes are not new
  18. Are you all grandmothers?
  19. We are very old
  20. Are these your spoons?
  21. That is not Janet's dress
  22. Do you have a testimony?
  23. Is he nice?
  24. That is his child
  25. The table is not very light
  26. Yes I am cold
  27. Are these your spoons?
  28. Do I have a family?
  29. No we are not grandmothers
  30. Where is the tall building
  31. Is the house very old?
  32. No this is not very cheap
  33. Is the dog old?
  34. Are they Americans?
  35. That is the boys' ball
  36. Is that our plan?
  37. Are the boys tired?
  38. The car is way over there
  39. Yes I have fare money
  40. Yes we are granmothers
  41. Where is jane's house?
  42. Where is Jane?
  43. Do you have a problem
  44. Is that their room?
  45. No Maria is not happy
  46. No he is not an american
  47. No they are hungry
  48. She is not small
  49. Yes they are tired
  50. That house is big
  51. Is this the tie of the missionary
  52. Yes the dog is old
  53. He is good
  54. Where are you all?