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  1. I am interested in someone
  2. come back, it was just a joke
  3. How many siblings do you have?
  4. I am pure filipino, I seem American because my dad is also mestizo and my mom is half.
  5. What did you do today
  6. shut up
  7. you, where do you live
  8. can you wait
  9. you should respect me
  10. I live in Labangon (Jane's barangay)
  11. How much is it friend?
  12. I work here in the call center
  13. where is the SM
  14. why you wanna go?
  15. I am dating someone
  16. We rode a jeep here
  17. I don't care
  18. you were born there
  19. I'm older than you
  20. I live here in Cebu
  21. what is it
  22. She translates english for me
  23. I will put my arm around you
  24. because she is American.
  25. I know that