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  1. to go upstairs
  2. to form (to make up)
  3. to mangle (to split)
  4. to walk (to travel, go)
  5. to summarize (to sum up; summary)
  6. to leap (to jump)
  7. to purchase (to buy)
  8. to link up
  9. to possess (to have, provide, furnish; a tool)
  10. to operate (to manipulate)
  11. to bite
  12. to repair (a repair)
  13. to break through
  14. to install (to fit; installation, unit, device)
  15. to take (something) as (to consider something as)
  16. to reduce
  17. to limit (to restrict, to prescribe or set a limit)
  18. to elect
  19. to act as a host
  20. to dare
  21. to perform
  22. to magnify (to get out of bounds)
  23. to paint (to draw (绘声绘色: vivid, lively)
  24. to sample (food)
  25. to gamble (play with) one's life (to risk one's life needlessly)
  26. to pass a barrier (to pass a test, go through an ordeal, pass a test, reach a standard)
  27. to offer (to present, dedicate, donate)
  28. to compare (to compete)
  29. to reside (to live)
  30. to like (to love)
  31. to be bedridden (to be laid up, to be confined to bed)
  32. to announce
  33. to ditch (to cut class, to play truant)
  34. to delay (to hold up)
  35. to see (to perceive)
  36. to arrive (to reach)
  37. to contact
  38. to fog (to be foggy)
  39. to undergo (to experience)
  40. to be able
  41. to end (to finish, conclude, wind up, close)
  42. to chat (to talk, converse)
  43. to award (a prize; an award, prize)
  44. to take one's chances
  45. to infect with
  46. to refresh oneself (to give oneself a lift, to pick oneself up)
  47. to worry
  48. to spread
  49. to bring into play (to give play to, to give free rein to)
  50. to drown
  51. to emit
  52. to possess (to have, be provided with)
  53. to predict (to estimate, calculate in advance)
  54. to prepare to construct something
  55. to put in order (to straighten out, arrange, sort out, tidy)
  56. to hijack (to kidnap, abduct, hold under duress)
  57. to get gas
  58. to prove (to testify, bear out)
  59. to consume (to use up)
  60. to plot (to plan)
  61. to send one's regards (to extend greeting to, to send one's respects)
  62. to occupy (to seize; to rely on, to depend on; according to, on the grounds of)
  63. to leave
  64. to someone in an important position
  65. to obtain (to receive, lead, usher)
  66. to proceed (to be in progress, underway, go on, carry on, march)
  67. to construct
  68. to mobilize (to transfer)
  69. to blow a whistle
  70. to show (to display, demonstrate, manifest)
  71. to supervise (to control)
  72. to handle things (to manage things, attend to things)
  73. to have (to be provided with, to possess)
  74. to disclose (to leak, divulge, reveal)
  75. to put into practice
  76. to enlarge (to expand)
  77. to increase (to gain, add)
  78. to hurry back
  79. to pay taxes
  80. to improve
  81. to attract (to draw, fascinate)
  82. to get an oil change
  83. to water flowers
  84. to select high-quality main ingredients
  85. to ignite a bomb
  86. to be in love (love)
  87. to celebrate (celebration)
  88. to manage (management)
  89. to retire
  90. to harm (to endanger, jeopardize)
  91. to swallow the bait (to get hooked, to rise to the bait)
  92. to persuade
  93. to smell
  94. to adjust
  95. to publish (to announce; to show, reveal)
  96. to meet and pick (someone) up
  97. to mug
  98. to count
  99. can wash off
  100. to carry (to bring, take)
  101. to clean up
  102. to contain (to nurse, cherish, harbor; to keep in the mouth)
  103. to mine (mining)
  104. to play (to have fun, amuse oneself)
  105. to exhibit (to display, show)
  106. to implement (to carry out, to put into effect)
  107. to economize (to save, practice thrift)
  108. to dispatch (to send)
  109. to discard as useless (to report as worthless, reject, scrap)
  110. to oppose
  111. to form
  112. to bid farewell (to say goodbye)
  113. to avoid
  114. to carry out (to implement)
  115. to pay taxes
  116. to dance
  117. to distribute
  118. to manufacture
  119. to brag (to exaggerate)
  120. to snow
  121. to decorate (fix up, renovate)
  122. to handle (to manage, do attend to)
  123. to win a prize
  124. to jump (to leap, spring, bounce, move up and down, beat, skip over, make omissions)
  125. to revolt (to rebel)
  126. to supervise (to oversee)
  127. to file taxes
  128. to give back (to return)
  129. to approve
  130. to be deceived
  131. to quit smoking
  132. to purchase
  133. to break down
  134. to hold (a meeting or ceremony)
  135. to destroy (to damage)
  136. to conflict
  137. to devote one's life (to give one's life)
  138. to suffer
  139. to estimate
  140. to prepare ingredients
  141. to take precautions against (to prevent, guard against)
  142. to introduce
  143. to swindle (to cheat)
  144. to feel (to think)
  145. to discuss
  146. to open up (to develop, exploit)
  147. to support (to sustain, hold out, stand by, back)
  148. to establish (to found, set up)
  149. to value (to attach importance to)
  150. to raise (to ascend)
  151. to be destroyed
  152. to taste