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  • et ur

    a watch

    et vækkeur

    an alarm clock

    at komme i rette tid

    to be on time

    at komme tidligt

    to be early

    at komme for sent

    to be late

    hvad er klokken

    what time is it?

    under, i løbet af

    during (2 definitions)







    et kvarter i fem

    a quarter to five

    halv i fem

    half to five

    om morgenen

    in the morning

    om eftermiddagen

    in the afternoon

    om aftenen

    in the evening





    at synge

    to sing

    at begynde

    to begin

    at lyve

    to lie

    at forlade

    to leave

    at tjene

    to serve (your country)

    at ringe

    to ring, to alarm

    at gå ud

    to go out

    at finde

    to find



    at servere

    to serve (food)

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