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  • to be called

    at hedde

    to live (in a place)

    at bo

    to speak

    at tale

    to come

    at komme

    to be

    at være

    to have

    at have

    to do

    at gøre

    to see

    at se

    to work

    at arbejde

    to pay

    at betale

    to visit

    at besøge

    to cycle

    at cykle

    to drink

    at drikke

    to find

    at finde

    to move

    at flytte

    to understand

    at forstå

    to help

    at hjælpe

    to listen

    at høre

    to invite

    at invitere

    to know

    at kende

    to make

    at lave

    to play (children)

    at lege

    to live

    at leve

    to close

    at lukke

    to learn

    at lære

    to read

    at læse

    to run

    at løbe

    to try

    at prøve

    to travel

    at rejse

    to ring

    at ringe

    to miss

    at savne

    to send

    at sende

    to say

    at sige

    to write

    at skrive

    to talk

    at snakke

    to play (a game)

    at spille

    to sleep

    at sove

    to eat

    at spise

    to ask

    at spørg

    to start

    at starte

    to stop

    at stoppe

    to swim

    at svømme

    to believe something or give an opinion based on experience

    at synes

    to sell

    at sælge

    to search

    at søge

    to take

    at tage

    to believe based on speculation but no experience

    at tro

    to wash

    at vaske

    to wait

    at vente

    to open

    at åbne

    to look up

    at slå op

    to check

    at tjekke

    to select

    at vælge

    to note

    at notere

    to hide or save electronically

    at gemme

    to print

    at trykke

    to submit or return

    at aflevere

    to present

    at præsentere

    to answer

    at besvare

    to fill in or fill out

    at udfylde

    to think

    at tænke

    to clean

    at gøre rent

    to cook

    at lave mad

    to look

    at kigge

    to wake

    at vække

    to call

    at ringe

    to clean up

    at rydde op

    to relax

    at slappe af

    to get

    at få

    to deliver

    at aflevere

    to shop

    at købe ind

    to wake up

    at vågne

    to collect

    at hente

    to correct

    at rette

    to place

    at stille

    to park

    at parkere

    to apply for

    at ansøge om

    to exercise

    at træne

    to sneeze

    at nyse

    to draw

    at tegne

    to lay

    at lægge

    to be located

    at ligge

    to hang

    at hænge

    to begin

    at begyndte

    to pronounce

    at udtale

    to bore

    at kede

    to be bored

    at kede sig

    to need

    have brug for

    to shovel

    at skovle

    to sway

    at svaje

    to steal

    at stjæle

    to delete

    at slette

    to be trained

    at være uddannet

    to quit

    at sige op

    to complain

    at beklage sig

    to function

    at fungere

    to tell

    at fortælle

    to like

    at holder af

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