A bunch of Danish phrasal verbs.


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  • at slå en handel af

    to bargain

    at give op

    to give up

    at lide af

    to suffer from sg

    at gøre om

    to reverse

    at gøre ved/for

    to do with

    at falde om

    to fall down, to collapse

    at sige op

    to give notice (értesít, szól)

    at komme noget til

    to get hurt

    at holde op

    to stop

    at blive ved

    to go on

    at holde ud

    to persevere, to hold out

    at komme i tanke om

    to remember

    at lade som om

    to pretend

    at bede om

    to ask about

    at sige op

    to give up, to quit

    at komme af med

    to get rid of

    at komme frem til

    to reach

    at holde af

    to be fond of

    er/bliver nødt til


    at gå af

    to resign

    at se op til

    to look up

    at råde til

    to suggest to

    at gå til

    to go, to attend

    at råde fra

    to advise from

    at finde ud af

    to ascertain, to check

    at arbejde over

    to work over

    at finde sig i

    to tolerate, to stand

    at gå over

    to move on, to pass

    at henvende sig til

    to turn to

    at regne med

    to count on

    det slog til

    it became true

    at trænge til

    to need, to require

    at sove over

    to sleep over

    at vænne sig til

    to get used to

    at være vant til

    to be used to

    at finde på noget

    to find sg, to think of sg

    at høre op

    to stop, to cease

    at slå til

    to turn, to turn out

    at give sig til

    to do sg

    at bede til

    to pray to

    at leve af

    to live of

    at have brug for

    to need

    at lave om

    to change

    at høre efter

    to listen (figyel)

    at høre på musik

    to listen to music

    at få nogen til

    to persuade

    at passe på

    to beware

    at søge efter

    to look for

    at vænne sig af med

    to get rid of (leszokni)

    at stræbe efter

    to fight, to aspire (törekedni)

    er/bliver glad for/over

    happy about

    at tænke på

    to think of

    at vare ved

    to continue

    at tænke over

    to consider

    at røre ved

    to touch

    at skrive under

    to sign, to agree

    at regne ud

    to work out

    at afhænge af

    to depend on

    at se frem til

    to look forward to

    at glæde sig til

    to look forward to, to await

    at handle med

    to handle with

    at handle om

    to be about

    at tænke sig om

    to think about

    bange for

    afraid of

    at stole på

    to rely on

    ked af det


    have råd til

    can afford to

    at tro på

    to believe in

    at slå ikke til

    not enough

    at gå til

    to die

    at gå i stå

    to get stuck, to stop

    at give efter

    to give in/up

    at komme an på

    to depend

    at vænne fra

    to separate, to wean

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