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  • Mellem tiden


    For tiden


    Jeg holder meget at dansk mad

    I love Danish food

    Kan du lige gå hen til bageren

    Can you just go to the baker

    Jeg vej godt, hvor butiken ligger

    I know where the shop is

    Så, dækker jer bor I mellemtiden

    I set the table in the meantime

    Hvad skulle det være

    What should we do?

    Ellers andet?

    anything else?

    Hvor bliver George døg af?

    Where is George

    Det må I undskyld

    I must apologize

    Det var jeg længe om

    That took me a long time

    Hvordan er vejret i dag

    What is the weather like today


    In the morning


    In the afternoon

    Hvornår afgår der tog til København

    When does the train leave to copenhagen

    Det er nu nemt at

    It is now easy too

    Jeg har talt med hans

    I have talked with with

    Toget var forsinket

    The train was late

    Hun ankom så sent

    She came too late

    ...At hun ikke kunne komme med flyet

    ...that she could not get on the plain


    difficult, tiresome

    Hvar har i lust til at lave i mellemtiden

    What do you want to do in the meantime?

    Jeg vil meget gerne se dig

    I would like to see you

    Jeg synes ikke

    I don't think so

    At udfører

    To perform

    Hele året rund

    The whole year around

    Inde midt in Kolding

    In the mid of Kolding

    Jeg tror godt, jeg ved, hvor huset ligger

    I think I know where the house is

    Jeg troede, han havde givet dig adressen

    I thought I had given it too him

    Lad os køre over til dette hus

    Let's drive to the house

    Det var heldigt

    It was fortunate

    Kender I hinanden

    Do you know each other

    Skænder din kafe

    Serve your coffee

    Du ska hellere


    Jeg er ikke helt færdig

    I am not done yet


    Spend, use of

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