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  1. at skændesto cry


  2. at skriveto describe


  3. at tilladeto allow


  4. at være interesseret ito be worried


  5. at blive forlovetto get engaged


  6. at tilhøreto belong to


  7. at husketo remember


  8. tomber amoureuxto hide


  9. at finde stedto call (on the phone)


  10. at slutteto end


  11. at fortælleto cry


  12. at råbeto shout


  13. at læseto teach, to learn


  14. at bekymre sigto have fun


  15. at ringe tilto take place


  16. at hvile sigto have fun


  17. at beskriveto describe


  18. at skilleto seperate


  19. at skeat ske


  20. at grædeto cry


  21. at kysseto kiss


  22. at leveto live


  23. fêterto celebrate


  24. at kede sigto be bored


  25. at seto see


  26. at more sigto have fun


  27. at mødeto shout


  28. at gå glip afto shout


  29. at sigeto say


  30. at trorto believe


  31. at være bekymretto get engaged


  32. at skjuleto seperate


  33. at hedderto be called


  34. at læreto read


  35. at gifte sigto get married


  36. at blive sur påto get annoyed at


  37. at blive roligto calm down