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  1. How do you pronounce that?
  2. Word
  3. Am I pronouncing this correctly?
  4. I cannot hear you.
  5. I am sorry, what did you say?
  6. What letter of the alphabet is this?
  7. You are very helpful.
  8. I am learning Danish.
  9. To translate
  10. I made a mistake.
  11. Excuse my poor Danish.
  12. That's good to know.
  13. I am sorry.
  14. I am grateful for your help.
  15. Just a moment.
  16. Be patient with me.
  17. Please point in the direction.
  18. I speak only a little Danish.
  19. hvad du sagde., I did not hear what you said.
  20. Verb
  21. That's interesting.
  22. Does that mean the same as ...?
  23. Understanding Danish is difficult for me.
  24. I have some questions.
  25. Do you mean...?
  26. I will write it.
  27. Are you saying yes?
  28. Did you say?
  29. Please rephrase it.
  30. Please write down the number.
  31. Danish is a beautiful language.
  32. I did not mean it that way.
  33. I didn't know that.
  34. Please point to it.
  35. One more question.
  36. What is the word for this in Danish?
  37. Do you understand?
  38. I misspoke.
  39. Please repeat that?
  40. Vowel
  41. Phrase
  42. Is that slang?
  43. How is ...different from...?
  44. I want to learn Danish.
  45. How do you Danish?
  46. I cannot read your handwriting.
  47. Please write it down.
  48. Thank you for helping me with my Danish.
  49. Is it spelled...?
  50. I didn't mean that.
  51. Please.
  52. You are a very good teacher.
  53. I do not know that word.
  54. I will remember that.
  55. I do not know.
  56. Did I make a mistake?
  57. I misunderstood.
  58. Can you read my handwriting?
  59. Are you saying no?
  60. The Danish alphabet is difficult for me.
  61. Please spell that.
  62. Is this correct?
  63. May I ask a question?
  64. Please draw a map.
  65. I meant to say...
  66. I am sorry to interrupt.
  67. Sentence
  68. I am trying to find it in this book.