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  1. To perform
  2. Do you know each other
  3. Serve your coffee
  4. In the morning
  5. It is now easy too
  6. What is the weather like today
  7. I must apologize
  8. When does the train leave to copenhagen
  9. Let's drive to the house
  10. I think I know where the house is
  11. The whole year around
  12. I know where the shop is
  13. ...that she could not get on the plain
  14. In the mid of Kolding
  15. What should we do?
  16. She came too late
  17. That took me a long time
  18. Where is George
  19. The train was late
  20. I don't think so
  21. Can you just go to the baker
  22. What do you want to do in the meantime?
  23. difficult, tiresome
  24. I love Danish food
  25. Meanwhile
  26. It was fortunate
  27. I am not done yet
  28. Spend, use of
  29. In the afternoon
  30. I have talked with with
  31. anything else?
  32. I set the table in the meantime
  33. I thought I had given it too him
  34. I would like to see you
  35. Currently
  36. ...