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  • brawl

    n. A rough, noisy fight.


    adj. Suitable for everyday use; comfortable.


    adj. Not changing


    v. To do well; to be better or greater than others.


    v. To tire out.


    adj. Able to survive under bad conditions.


    adj. Of low to medium quality; barely passable.


    adj. Always the same; not varying; boring.


    n. a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like.


    v. To bring or come into being.
    n. A beginning or coming into being.


    v. To add marks such as commas or periods to writing to make it more clear.


    adj. Very hungry;
    Eager for whatever satisfies one's needs or wants.


    adj. Closely resembling real life.
    Aware of things as they are practical.


    v. to make calm and relaxed.


    n. A sudden rush of animals or people, usually caused by fear.

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