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  • (a) receipt

    a piece of paper that shows that goods or services have been paid for
    e.g. Can I have a ______, please?

    (a) prescription

    an official piece of paper on which a doctor writes the type of medicine you should have, and which enables you to get it from a chemist's shop/drugstore (also, the paper where an optician writes the kind of glasses you need)
    e.g. The doctor gave me a ______ for antibiotics.

    (a) recipe

    a set of instructions that tells you how to cook something and the ingredients (= items of food) you need for it
    e.g. a ______ for chicken soup

    (the) surgery

    a place where a doctor, dentist or vet sees patients
    e.g. a doctor's/dentist's ______
    (countable - British English)


    medical treatment of injuries or diseases that involves cutting open a person's body and often removing or replacing some parts
    e.g. He will require ______ on his left knee.

    (a) ward

    a separate room or area in a hospital for people with the same type of medical condition
    e.g. a maternity/surgical/psychiatric/children's, etc. _______

    (a) pharmacy

    a shop/store, or part of one, that sells medicines and drugs
    e.g. You have to take your prescription to a _________ to get your medicine.

    (the) chemist's

    a shop/store that sells medicines and usually also soap, make-up, etc
    e.g. You can obtain the product from all good _________.
    (British English)


    to become healthy again; to make something healthy again
    e.g. It took a long time for the wounds to _________.
    e.g. The cut _________ed up without leaving a scar.


    (of a person) to get well again after being ill/sick, hurt, etc
    e.g. He's still _________ing from his operation.


    to make a person or an animal healthy again after an illness
    e.g. Will you be able to ______ him, Doctor?


    a medical condition in which a person has a temperature that is higher than normal
    e.g. He has a high ________.
    e.g. Aspirin should help reduce the ________.


    the level of temperature
    e.g. Test the _______ of the water before getting in.


    the measurement of how hot somebody's body is
    e.g. to take somebody's ________ (= measure the ________ of somebody's body using a special instrument)


    an act of putting a drug or other substance into sb's body using a syringe or needle
    e.g. to give somebody an ________
    e.g. He was treated with penicillin ________s.


    a very thin, pointed piece of steel used on the end of a syringe for putting a drug into somebody's body, or for taking blood out of it
    e.g. a hypodermic _______


    a sharp cut made in something, particularly during a medical operation; the act of making a cut in something
    e.g. Make a small _______ below the ribs.


    a plastic or glass tube with a long hollow needle that is used for putting drugs, etc. into a person's body or for taking a small amount of blood from a person
    e.g. If you have a serious reaction to these, ask your doctor about a ________ of adrenalin for emergencies.


    not feeling well
    e.g. You look ______ —are you OK?
    e.g. I had a ______ night (= I didn't sleep well).
    (British English)

    sore (1)

    if a part of your body is _______, it is painful, and often red, especially because of infection or because a muscle has been used too much
    e.g. to have a _______ throat
    e.g. His feet were _______ after the walk.


    physically hurt; having an injury
    e.g. an _______ leg
    e.g. Luckily, she isn't _______.


    to cause physical pain to somebody/yourself; to injure somebody/yourself
    e.g. He hurt his back playing tennis.


    the feelings that you have in your body when you have been hurt or when you are ill/sick
    e.g. a cry of _______
    e.g. She was clearly in a lot of _______.

    sore (2)

    a painful, often red, place on your body where there is a wound or an infection
    e.g. His body was covered with open ________s.


    physical harm caused to something which makes it less attractive, useful or valuable
    e.g. The earthquake caused ________ to property estimated at $6 million.

    wound (/wu:nd/)

    an injury to part of the body, especially one in which a hole is made in the skin using a weapon
    e.g. a leg/head, etc. ________
    e.g. a bullet/knife/gunshot/stab ________

    get over

    to return to your usual state of health, happiness, etc. after an illness, a shock, the end of a relationship, etc
    e.g. If you keep fit, then you can ______ ______ illness more quickly.
    (phrasal verb)

    bruise, bruised

    a blue, brown or purple mark that appears on the skin after somebody has fallen, been hit, etc
    e.g. to be covered in __________s
    e.g. Fortunately, I didn't break any bones when I fell, but I was badly ___________.
    (noun, adjective)

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