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  • inequitable

    unfair, unjust


    fair to all concerned, just,impartial, objective, unbiased


    discord, conflict, strife


    differ in opinion, disagree, object






    tear down,destroy,raze,smash,wreck


    act of blaming, expression of disapproval, hostile critisisim, rebuke


    close a meeting, suspend the business of a meeting, disband, recess


    composed or spoken, without preparation, off hand, impromptu, improvise


    free from blame, clear from accusation, acquit, absolve


    free from difficulties, disentangle, disencumber, release


    lose or have to give up as a penalty for some error, neglect, or fault, sacrifice


    shrewd, wise, perspicacious, sagacious, crafty, cunning, sly, willy

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