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  1. n. A rough, noisy fight.
  2. v. To bring or come into being.
    n. A beginning or coming into being.
  3. adj. Closely resembling real life.
    Aware of things as they are practical.

  4. v. To add marks such as commas or periods to writing to make it more clear.

  5. adj. Able to survive under bad conditions.

  6. v. to make calm and relaxed.

  7. adj. Not changing

  8. v. To do well; to be better or greater than others.

  9. v. To tire out.

  10. adj. Always the same; not varying; boring.

  11. adj. Suitable for everyday use; comfortable.

  12. adj. Very hungry;
    Eager for whatever satisfies one's needs or wants.

  13. adj. Of low to medium quality; barely passable.

  14. n. A sudden rush of animals or people, usually caused by fear.

  15. n. a person who has had long service or experience in an occupation, office, or the like.