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  1. A character who plays an important rule
  2. Contrast between expectation and reality
  3. The time and place of a story or playe
  4. Person in a story, poem, or play
  5. Central idea of a work literature
  6. Kind of Metaphor in which non human thing is talked about as if it were human
  7. Occurs when seems appropriate
  8. Language that appeals to the senses
  9. Comparison between two unlive things, without like or as
  10. Moment of great emotional intensity or suspence in a plot
  11. Play that despices serious and important even that main character becomes unhappy in the end
  12. Type of writting that explains
  13. Character who is used as a contrast to another character
  14. Long speech in which a character who is alone expresses feelings
  15. The category that a work of literature is classified under
  16. A person who tells the story
  17. Story that is written to be acted for an audience
  18. Reference to a statement, person, place, or thing
  19. Someone young or doent know what they are saying
  20. Series of related events that make up a story or drama
  21. Character who doesnt change
  22. Attitude a writter takes towards a subject
  23. Words that are spoken by a character in a play to the audience or to another character
  24. Character who blocks or is a problem to the protagonist
  25. Plays no part in story
  26. Theme of growing up
  27. A narrative in which characters and settings stand for abstract idea or moral
  28. Main Character
  29. A story atmosphere or the feeling it evokes
  30. Comparing two things useing like or as
  31. Character that changes as a result to the story
  32. Not always tru
  33. A scene where it predicts something to happen
  34. Takes place enterialy in mind
  35. Repetition of similar vocal sounds
  36. One of the characters is telling the story
  37. Struggle or clash between opposing characters
  38. Scene in moive, play ( etc. ) that shows something that happened before
  39. Repetition of the same or very similar consorant sounds
  40. Vantage point from which a writer tells a story
  41. Fourteen line poem that is usualy written in lamabic penamen
  42. Physical conflict
  43. Three four line units, concluding two like unit
  44. Playon the multiple meansings of a word or two words that sound alike
  45. Occurs when addience knows something the character doesnt
  1. a Apperance vs. Reality
  2. b Mood
  3. c Protagonist
  4. d Tragedy
  5. e Theme
  6. f Simile
  7. g Conflict
  8. h Assonance
  9. i Drama
  10. j Genre
  11. k Character
  12. l Antagonist
  13. m Allusion
  14. n Imagery
  15. o Foreshadowing
  16. p Irony
  17. q External Conflict
  18. r Soliliquy
  19. s Dramatic Irony
  20. t Foil
  21. u 3rd Person Point of View
  22. v Subordanite Character
  23. w 1st Person Point of View
  24. x Point of View
  25. y Metaphor
  26. z Exposition
  27. aa Pun
  28. ab Tone
  29. ac Plot
  30. ad Maturation
  31. ae Flashback
  32. af Allegory
  33. ag Climax
  34. ah Unreliabe Narrator
  35. ai Shakespear Sonnet
  36. aj Sonnet
  37. ak Alliteration
  38. al Personification
  39. am Aside
  40. an Situational Irony
  41. ao Setting
  42. ap Narrator
  43. aq Internal Conflict
  44. ar Static Character
  45. as Dynamic Character