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  1. word that modifies a noun or an adverb; can be proper
  2. words that connect parts of a sentence; examples are and, for, either/or, etc.
  3. word that modifies a verb or an adjective; often end in -ly
  4. to connect objects or events
  5. clearness
  6. cut off
  7. to give a sly or evil glance
  8. a device a poet uses to emphasize certain words or rhythms
  9. a noun that follows a phrase beginning with words like for, to, from, of, etc.
  10. continuously
  11. to waste
  12. pulled tight
  13. seems impossible but might be true
  14. able to be touched
  15. words like for, to, from, near, etc.
  16. kind; harmless
  17. a state of living without basic necessities
  18. struggle between a character and an outside force or another character
  19. shocked
  20. depressed
  21. crude
  22. small piece of literature taken from a larger work
  23. excessive flattery
  24. a unifying idea in a work of literature; answers an essential question about life
  25. where and when a story takes place
  26. hints or clues the author gives the reader to show something bad is going to happen
  27. powerful
  28. voice that is narrating a poem
  29. good judgement
  30. record of events
  31. person, place, thing, idea
  32. to urge
  33. word that expresses extreme emotion; examples are wow, oh, etc.
  34. overlook
  35. to make merry
  36. group of words that begins with a word like for, to, from then ends with a noun