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  1. correlaterecord of events


  2. nounperson, place, thing, idea


  3. adulationa state of living without basic necessities


  4. privationa state of living without basic necessities


  5. settingwhere and when a story takes place


  6. potentpowerful


  7. speakercut off


  8. adverbcut off


  9. tangibleable to be touched


  10. interjectionword that expresses extreme emotion; examples are wow, oh, etc.


  11. excerptcut off


  12. goadto urge


  13. crassshocked


  14. object of a prepositiona noun that follows a phrase beginning with words like for, to, from, of, etc.


  15. condoneoverlook


  16. repetitionwords like for, to, from, near, etc.


  17. paradoxcrude


  18. prepositional phrasewords like for, to, from, near, etc.


  19. disconsolateto connect objects or events


  20. tautperson, place, thing, idea


  21. conflictstruggle between a character and an outside force or another character


  22. prudencegood judgement


  23. exhilarateto make merry


  24. conjunctionwords that connect parts of a sentence; examples are and, for, either/or, etc.


  25. leercut off


  26. squanderto waste


  27. benignkind; harmless


  28. adjectiveexcessive flattery


  29. incessantlycontinuously


  30. themea unifying idea in a work of literature; answers an essential question about life


  31. prepositionwords like for, to, from, near, etc.


  32. chroniclerecord of events


  33. severcut off


  34. foreshadowingseems impossible but might be true


  35. aghastshocked


  36. claritypulled tight