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  1. Talk directly to the people in the audience.
    Motivation; Competition

  2. Quote words of others, he/she said. A quote is word for word. Give credit

  3. Essential facts, major points
    paragraph= topic/clincher sentence
    Essay= thesis statement
    Don't be redundant

  4. Tell stories that are short and sweet (like anecdotes) or some long and detailed. Everyone loves good stories

  5. Occasion- holidays and bdays
    Events- sports, parties, plays
    Historical- "remember the time"

  6. Facts validate what you say. Cite your sources. Give audience numbers to prove it

  7. Eye catchers focus audience. Emphasize the VA and make them bold. Don't pass it around.

  8. If you want someone to do something just ask. Challenge people and be clear and specific

  9. Get audience thinking and engage them. If appropriate let audience answer. Use rhetorical questions.

  10. Words to live by. Use adages (wise sayings.) they're good to have and they keep us focused

  11. Get familiar with topic. Find the history, the scoop, the 411.

  12. Thank people because they like to be appreciated. Thank audience at the end.

  13. Changing the way you act or speak for each thing you do. Formal vs. informal professional vs. personal

  14. Give hints but not all the info. Tease the audience but give all the info by the end

  15. Transitions make language flow. They appear everywhere. Word phrases or even a whole sentence