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  1. the anxiety you feel about what will happen next

  2. a characters who changes as a result of the story

  3. a way of speaking

  4. the attitude that the author takes toward the audience

  5. a character struggles against some outside force

  6. a struggle or clash between opposing characters or opposing forces

  7. a kind of rhythmic, compressed language that uses figures of speech

  8. the overall emotion

  9. does not change much

  10. the character the reader sympathizes

  11. the character who opposes the protagonist

  12. prose writing that deals with real people events and places without changing any factors

  13. the most emotional or suspenseful part

  14. an all knowing narrator knows everything

  15. the ordinary form of written languag

  16. the use of clues to suggest events that will happen later

  17. the characters problems are solved

  18. a interruption in the action of the plot to tell what happened

  19. one of the characters using pronoun

  20. character vs character
    character vs nature
    character vs society
    character vs fantasy

  21. a story written to be acted in front of people

  22. on the other hand takes place within a characters mind

  23. a person or animal who takes part in the action of a story play

  24. tells who the character are and there conflict

  25. in general, a contrast between expectation and reality

  26. the time and pLace in which the story occurs

  27. the narrator only listens to the thought and feelings of only one character

  28. the series of related events that make up an event

  29. the voice telling the story

  30. the truth about life revolved in a work of liter

  31. a brief series of event leading to the ending

  32. a prose account that is made up

  33. the vantage point from which a story is told

  34. Steps the character take to resolve the conflict
  1. a fiction
  2. b resolution
  3. c drama
  4. d tone
  5. e point of view
  6. f character
  7. g internal conflict
  8. h suspense
  9. i narrator
  10. j conflict
  11. k third person
  12. l prose
  13. m falling action
  14. n irony
  15. o poetry
  16. p rising action
  17. q omniscient
  18. r dialect
  19. s external conflict
  20. t climax
  21. u exposition
  22. v protagonist
  23. w state or flat character
  24. x setting
  25. y dynamic round character
  26. z theme
  27. aa plot
  28. ab foreshadowing
  29. ac flashback
  30. ad non fiction
  31. ae antagonist
  32. af types of conflict
  33. ag first person
  34. ah mood